THE NEXT-GEN, Mobile player solution


Media & Datacasting ATSC 3.0 based Streaming Player

We support a variety of new streaming formats and codecs on a variety of
platforms and offers a variety of business with ads and new features

Datacasting, Ease of use, Targated Ads-Switch All-IP Network, Ultra low tency


Next-Generation hybrid solution based on ATSC 3.0.

we provide high-definition video and audio optimized for the mobile environment through the IP-based
next-generation hybrid network, which is a combination of broadcast and broadband.
We support the highest quality video services in a variety of environments to your business.


Media & Datacasting
IP-based Solution

Datacasting(data broadcasting) is the broadcasting of data over a wide area via radio waves. It most often refers to supplemental information sent by television stations along with digital terrestrial television.


We provide a new world for our users based on ATSC 3.0

Our solutions are optimized for the upcoming new generation, provide a complete solution for a variety of business areas, user allowing to experience a convenient life.


Customers & Partners

We believe that strong partnership and strategic collaboration enables both companies to reach new heights, together.


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